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What area do you cover ?

Somerset Joinery Solutions can offer to supply joinery items right across the South West, South Wales, the midlands and right across to London & the home counties.

Can you match the style of my windows ?

Yes. We are able to match and replicate the existing features of period sash windows and doors and any architraves. Sashed can usually match any existing windows. We just need pictures of the existing windows to kick the process off.

I want to replace my windows but live in a conservation area. Do I need permission?

This depends on a number of factors, like your property type (flat or house). If you are replacing like for like, then you usually do not need planning permission but you should speak to your local authority.

Where are your windows & doors made?

All of our new windows and doors or stairs are manufactured by our expert craftsmen in our workshops in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Which is better, repair or replace?

Repair is cheaper in the short term but may not provide the best long term solution.

What types of windows do you offer?

We offer bespoke timber sash and casement windows, made in our own workshop to your exact specifications. We can also repair existing windows.

I need advice on my doors and windows, and I don’t know where to start! Can you help?

Yes, absolutely! Our team is made up of experienced joiners who can offer you all the help you need when getting started, and throughout your project. We can provide advice, support and inspiration where needed – we understand that replacing your doors and windows is a major decision to make. If you have any questions at all, please just ask.


How do I know when I should replace my doors?

  • The hot air of summer and the cold air of winter should not enter through any closed doors in your home. If you are feeling drafts with each season, it may be time to upgrade your doors.
  • If you can see moisture building up in-between your double glazing panels it may mean that the seal between those two panes has worn away and is failing to keep moisture out of your home. It also means the insulating gas between panes has escaped and your door will not be performing as well as it should in terms of energy efficiency.
  • If your door is difficult to open and close, it’s probably time to consider replacing it. Not only is a door that is sticking or jamming really annoying, but it can also pose a security threat.

What types of doors do you offer?

We primarily manufacture external doors, including front doors, French doors and entrance doors. All our doors are bespoke, made from high-quality timber in our workshop. If you need another type of door, please let us know, as we’ll be able to make it for you.

How long will it take for my new doors to be made?

This depends on a variety of factors. We’ll discuss lead times with you at your consultation when we have a better understanding of what you require.


What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing works by securing three panes of glass within a sealed window frame. The gaps between each pane are filled with Argon, an insulating gas, which enhances the window’s ability to retain heat.


You might want to consider triple glazing if:


  • You live somewhere that suffers from extreme weather, like very cold winters.
  • Your property is exposed to the elements, for example, is situated on the coast.
  • You live somewhere noisy like near an airport, school, or train station, and want better acoustic insulation.
  • You want to further reduce your energy bills. Triple glazing provides even lower U-values than double glazing.

Do you offer consultations before I decide if I’m going ahead?

Yes – all potential customers are entitled to a free, no-obligation consultation.

Do you offer an installation service?

We do. We can install all the doors, windows and joinery that we make, ensuring the perfect fit.

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